43 hours of festivals

The Birch’s Beer Festivals!

The “43 Hours of” is a festival concept created by The Birch to take place periodically through out the year, each festival features it’s own theme.

Why 43 Hours?

We are open 43 hours in a week, Tuesday through Sunday. The festival lasts the whole week.

What takes place?

All 21 of our draft lines become the style of beer that is the theme of the current 43 Hours of. 

Are there daily events?

Yes and they sometimes vary!

So do you sell your other beer too, even if it isn’t in the theme? 

We only sell beer within the theme of the 43 Hours on draft. The festivals are a time to get crazy and try new things! We do offer our regular bottle list with all our usual variety of style offerings.

What if I don’t know any of the beers? How will I know what they taste like?

Each festival we feature a paper draft list that includes everything on the chalkboard AND tasting notes. The tasting notes are written by the staff the week before the event after tasting each beer, so they are very accurate. 

  • 43 Hours of Dark - January

    Dark encompasses any brew that is dark in color! Including, sours, imperial stouts, porters, black ipas, and more!
  • 43 Hours of Bitter - (RETIRED)

    Bitter applies not only to hops but also spices and herbs. Styles include, IPAs, saisons, sours, and herb/spice beers.
  • 43 Hours of USA - May

    During American Craft Beer week, featuring all of the best American brewed craft beer we can get our hands on!! Breweries such as Maine Beer, Firestone Walker, Off Color, Founder's, Bell's, Allagash, and many more! Also featuring collaborations with our favorite European brewers!
  • 43 Hours of B. United - July

    A festival focusing on the illustrious portfolio of our friends/family at B. United International, our favorite importer. For reference, this wonderful company brings in our Italians, BFM, Kiuchi, and so much more. Featuring a full draft & bottle list comprising a wide selection of B. United's offerings.
  • 43 Hours of Sour - September

    The most anticipated festival of the year. Featuring an entire draft list and bottle list full of SOURS sourced from all over the world!