mikkeller running club

mikkeller running club

Our Running Club meets every first Sunday of the month at 10am. Following the 5K around the neighborhood we hang out for a few beers and enjoy the monthly Waffletina Brunch pop up!

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Here's how it started:

"Few would dispute the fact that exercise is good for your body, soul and general health. We believe that beer is too…

The idea of Mikkeller Running Club is to stay fit through running. That makes us capable of enjoying even more of the good life – which includes state of the art food and drinks.

Obviously our main passion is beer – especially drinking beers – and sometimes (preferably) in large scales.

The club is founded by Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, who is also the creator and owner of Mikkeller.

It is not a coincidence that Mikkel chooses to focus on running. He used to be quite the talent, and as a youngster he performed very well on the tracks, which earned him scholarships in the US, and some Danish records.

However, speed is not the main target in Mikkeller Running Club. Having fun and great social relations is our top priority and we´re just proud to see MRC members take part in races and events around the world.

Every first Saturday of the month we meet up for a training session in Copenhagen. Meeting point may vary due to the nature of the activity – but when possible we always finish up at Mikkeller and Friends in Stefansgade, where we share a couple of beers – our own Mikkeller Running Club beer.

In 2015 we will introduce our own first official race – The “CBC day 0” – Copenhagen Beer Celebration day 0 Race.

You do not have to be an experienced runner or athlete to join MRC…all we ask is for you to come join us and have fun staying healthy – and sometimes a bit tipsy!!!"